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we want to help you

make it count

we want to help you

make it count

Zaggora is a London based brand that creates active inspired fashion clothing and accessories. Started by Dessi Bell in 2011, Zaggora has been supported by over 1 million customers in 143 countries, building a strong heritage in fitness and technical clothing. We’ve helped women get the best workout ever, improve their life being and have a positive impact on those around them. Zaggora is committed to designing products that reflect creativity and help customers to make it count - for themselves and the planet.

Our Head Office is in London, UK but we have operations in the USA, UK, Canada and Europe as well as dedicated websites serving Australia and Asia. Zaggora has won numerous Awards since 2012, including the National Business Award.

The Zaggora design team sources the finest fabrics and focuses on superior craftsmanship and thoughtful details. We try to make every product as cleanly and as sustainably as possible - without compromising on design. To this end, we have a partnership with the World Wide Fund For Nature to create a sustainable fashion collection of active wear with an ‘off duty’ style.

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Our in-house London design team draws on inspiration from the arts and street style to create active inspired, versatile pieces for modern living. We work collaboratively with customers to engineer the finest fabrics for the optimal fit and feel. Since 2011, we’ve worked with the best crafts people around the world to source and construct technical pieces.

Every product starts with an idea based on customer feedback. Ideas are drawn and sketched by hand and brought to life in house by cutting and fitting each piece. We test wearability and fit extensively with multiple testers to ensure our products work on all body types, big and small.

We are one of handful of brands to offer a broad size range from US 4 (UK 8) to US 18 (UK 22). We also regularly visit all of our production facilities and we only work with partners who uphold the highest ethical standards and produce the finest craftsmanship.


London, UNited Kingdom

OUR HOME in the uk


Zaggora has always been based in Central London - home of Founder Dessi Bell. Whilst we have operations around the world, London is where we imagine and design products, produce content and co-ordinate global activities like marketing and operations.

We have logistics and customer service operations in the USA, fulfilment in Canada and dedicated websites serving customers in Australia and Asia. All of these activities are co-ordinated out of London where we make regular visits to teams based around the world.

We’re blessed to be based in such an incredible City that has a wealth of talent in the Creative industries.

sharing zaggora from

behind the scenes

sharing zaggora

behind scenes

We have an incredible production team who help bring Zaggora to life. We often will share behind the scenes videos of our product and launch shoots so you can see how we made every photo and video. We film mostly in the UK and USA but we’ll also travel to far away lands to bring products to life. Every product has a story.

We typically work 12 months ahead to plan out new product collections and creatives normally are inspired by the collections themselves. If you have any ideas for products or shoots, please send us an email here.





From the very beginning, we’ve listened to customers. We’re always trying to improve our designs and products with you in mind. We regularly test both fit and feel on multiple customers and testers with different sizes and shapes to ensure versatility. We also rigorously test all of our products ourselves.

If you’d like to join our exclusive tester program where you’ll be first to try new products and provide feedback, please send us an email here. This is a limited space programme, however we do have spaces coming up periodically, so let us know if you are interested by sending us an email here.

better fabrics for the


better fabrics for the


Where ever possible, Zaggora uses Organic cotton because Non-organic cotton is one of the most treated crops on the planet.

For 1 pound of raw cotton in the US, 1/3 pounds of synthetic fertilizers are used. 1 pound of raw cotton is roughly used to make a single t-shirt. In just one year in 2014, more than 46.5 million pounds of fertilizers were used in the USA alone.

Conventional cotton also utilises between 3 and 5 times more energy to produce than organic cotton. Organic cotton is superior to conventional cotton in terms of increasing biodiversity, mitigating climate change by elimination of intensive fertilizers, reducing water contamination and consumption, preserving soil quality and reducing energy requirements. It’s also very soft on your skin making it good for you and good for nature.

how we operate


how we operate


We believe in our responsibility to each other and to the planet. We believe in making products that are good for you and minimise our impact. This means being conscious each part of our design and supply chain has on us, others and the planet.

Here’s just a few of the steps we’re taking manufacture as sustainably as possible:

  • - Bio degradable packaging
  • - Using regenerated materials
  • - Sourcing raw materials close to production
  • - Collaborating with World Wild Fund For Nature
  • - Using GOTS Certified Organic Cotton





Zaggora & the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) have created a special partnership to design a sustainable clothing collection that is kind to the environment.

Unlike conventional active wear which can be highly pollutant because it uses virgin plastic to manufacture the fabrics, Wild at Heart is made exclusively using organic cotton, a natural breathable fabric.

The WWF makes a hugely important contribution to the protection of our environment. 7.5% of the sale price of this product goes to WWF UK, a registered charity in England & Wales (1081247).